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A Homeowner’s Guide to Super Bowl XLVII

27/01/14 27 January, 2014 0 notes

You’ve worked hard redecorating your living room and installing the surround-sound system in your basement.

You’ve painted the hallway seafoam green and just need an audience to appreciate your handiwork.

Super Bowl XLVIII is right around the corner and you are determined to throw an amazing party!  

Alas, along with great parties comes great disorder. 

But you don’t want to be that host; overly concerned that guests might muddy up the entryway or spill their drinks on the carpet.

Thankfully, with a little forethought, you can circumvent these messy problems with a few simple tricks:

Rule #1: Be Coordinated

Like a prize-winning football coach, you need a plan of attack.

Have guests place their coats and shoes in well marked areas to the side of the door. This will eliminate clutter and should help you avoid guests tripping over loose shoes.

Additionally, set up seating in your viewing area with a clear lane down the middle to minimize guests having to step over one another when coming back from the food line.



Rule #2: Consider the Snacks

There are expectations when it comes to Super Bowl food: chips and dip, chicken wings, meatballs…but not all of your snacks need to be messy.

Throw in a cheese platter and some veggies. Avoid food that needs to be cut, since guests could have their plate sitting on the carpet or in their lap, and uneven surfaces makes for messy cutting.



Rule #3: Equip the Right Equipment

While having the food in the kitchen is ideal due to the tiled/wood floors, you may want your food to migrate closer to the television for easy snacking access.

Don’t rely on flimsy card tables to hold the bulk of your food. Not only are they weak, but guests can easily kick in one of the thin, metal legs. Try dragging over that solid wood table you have in your dining room.



Rule #4: TVs…..TVs Everywhere!

Head on out to the garage and bring in that dusty tube TV.

Have it going in the kitchen so that guests aren’t tripping over each other to get back to the big screen during a commercial break.

A rushed guest is a messy guest!



Rule #5: Expect the….Expected

Someone, maybe even several someones, will spill their drink. If you decide to have the party in a carpeted area, have a few rags and some soapy water or bleach/water mixture ready to go.

This way, you can get to the mess before it has time to deeply stain the floor. Remember: blot, don’t rub.



Whichever team you are rooting for, we here at Zaarly hope we can make your Super Bowl party a success.

If you need help with the post-game cleanup, we have an amazing group of handpicked home cleaners who are ready for you!

-Team Zaarly

You can contact the author through his Twitter handle @Menzelman

9 Ways To Get Funky In The Kitchen

20/01/14 20 January, 2014 0 notes

If you made a list of all the fun things you were planning on doing this weekend, cleaning your kitchen probably didn’t make the cut. 

Lucky for you, our team used fancy mathematical formulas to create playlists that match the mood of every room in your home. 

This week: our goal is to bring some funk to one of our favorite rooms ever, the kitchen. 

Try this at home and turn the volume up loud. If your neighbors or family ask you to quiet down, we get full credit!

1)  "Prisoner" Har Mar Superstar feat. Juliette Lewis

You wouldn’t know just by looking at him, but Har Mar Superstar can really groove. Now grab that mop and get to work!

2) "A Fifth of Beethoven"  Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band

A fusion of classical and funk. Put on your platforms and get ready to stop around the bathroom with a sponge in hand.

3) "Q.U.E.E.N." Janelle Monae feat Erykah Badu

You thought that the last song was funky? Check out this futuristic ballad from a new-age soul singer. 

4) "Superstition" Stevie Wonder

This list wouldn’t be complete without The Duke. Even better, he is performing on Sesame Street. How funky is that?!?!

5) "Sweet Inspiration" King Curtis

Short, sweet, and to the point. King Curtis knows how to play and his clean cuts will inspire your scrubbing!

6) "Word Up" Cameo

One of the best examples of “ElectroFunk,” and yes, that is LeVar Burton at the beginning of the video.

7)"I’m Your Boogie Man"  KC and the Sunshine Band

Throw some disinfectant on the sink and some soap in the floor—it’s time to boogie with KC and the Sunshine Band!

8) "Canned Heat" Jamiroquai

You might have to take a break from cleaning to dance to this one.

9) "(Not Just) Knee Deep"  Funkadelic

Boasting the best, with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and Michael Hampton to name a few. This is the perfect song to help wrap up your cleaning.

From throwing a party to cleaning it up, we here at Zaarly want to make every bit of owning a home enjoyable. Happy Cleaning and check back for more specialized playlists!

-Team Zaarly

You can contact the writer through his Twitter handle @Menzelman

Jogging In The Snow: A Survival Guide

25/12/13 25 December, 2013 1 note

Old Man Winter has officially arrived. 

Grandparents talk about their knees acting up, hardware stores make a killing on cheap plastic shovels, and college kids continue on like nothing has changed.

While some thrive in the winter, the rest of us struggle ever onwards, occasionally backwards, and often downwards towards the icy cement. This holds especially true for runners like me. 

Once kings and queens of the outdoors, dominating pristine forest trails and smog-filled cities, most runners have now retreated into sweaty 24-hour gyms.

By viewing the following tips, I hope that perhaps, just perhaps, you can once again safely journey outside to fill your lungs with that sweet, frosty air!

1. Choose the Proper Footwear



I know, I know. This is about as helpful as your mom telling you to wear a raincoat during a storm, but when it comes to shoes you are looking for two things: traction and warmth.

While your Nike Frees were great at ventilating your feet in the summer, a little more material (and a lot fewer holes) is essential.

Flip the shoe over and look at the tread. If the bottom is worn smooth, good luck on ice. You want the bottom of the shoe to bite into the ground. I’ve had some success with add-ons like Yaktraxs.

2. Rock the Skintights! 


We understand this old man - nothing beats shorts. But upgrading to leggings is a smart move. I feel silly running around the neighborhood looking like I just got done with the final dress rehearsal for Swan Lake, but rockin’ the skintight clothing is better than being cold!

3. Get Some Winter Headphones 


I love me a good ol’ fashioned summer-running playlist, but in the winter it helps to ditch the iPod. Your hearing will be destroyed by plastic headphones jostling around inside of your frozen ears, plus your dainty little iBud cords will freeze and break.

If you truly feel compelled to run with music, invest in a set of insulated headphones that double as earmuffs. Now that’s two birds with one snowball! Or just do what I do and sing Broadway show tunes as you run (I highly recommend The Winner Takes It All for those big hills).

4. Grab a Hat and a Face Guard 



While the picture above might seem a bit excessive, it’s a scientific fact that you lose 110% of your body’s heat through your noggin…..ok, well, maybe not a scientific fact per se, but covering up as much exposed skin as possible is a great way to keep your skin from drying out…and really, who doesn’t want soft, supple skin?

5. Know When To Stay Indoors



It’s easy to overdress when you’re trying to be a winter hero. But your body will start to sweat and chafe like a madman if you pile on the hoodies and the long underwear. If it really is that cold (20-15 degrees and under) grab the keys, hit the gym, and forget about everything you just read. Arnold would support this move!

- written by Aaron Menzel, who runs… on occasion.

You follow him on Twitter: @Menzelman


"Jogging In The Snow" is the first part of a new series called "What To Love" which will we be running every week.

In this series, our favorite authors write about the adventures they love to pursue when they have free time.

We hope their stories inspire you to spend more time doing what you love, even if it’s something simple like jogging in the snow.

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Sunday Funday: DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

1/12/13 1 December, 2013 0 notes

At Zaarly, we love finding new ways to improve our homes.

This makes sense, considering our marketplace is a collection of our favorite amazing handyman, cleaners, and home experts. 

Every once in awhile, we discover creative ways to improve our homes that we could have never imagined.

Here is a collection of our favorite “homeowner hacks” that we have recently found:


How to Make Concrete Lamps Out of Plastic Soda Bottles


How To Make a BBQ Smoker from Ikea Parts


How To Design The Perfect Picture Wall

Want to be a hero at home? Give one of these home projects a try and let us know how it goes!

Good luck,

Team Zaarly

'Simon 1.5' by mikedidthis.