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Small Business Saturday: Best Day Ever

29/11/13 29 November, 2013 3 notes

Tom Dubbert

Small Business Saturday is an important day for every employee at our company. 

We created Zaarly to help talented entrepreneurs build amazing new businesses and this day speaks to our mission.

To celebrate this wonderful day, we wanted to share a few of our favorite Small Business Saturday stories in Kansas City and beyond. 

Meet Adam Magers, a passionate craftsman who builds custom furniture that is more affordable than most retail stores and offers his services on Zaarly


Meet Oddly Correct, a group of coffee roasters and baristas located on Main Street in Kansas City, MO. They pride themselves in making quality coffee and having a great time.


Meet Herb Dishmana Texas rice farmer who decided to return to his childhood home to take over the family farm after his father’s death. 


Meet Tartine Bread, a local bakery in San Francisco created by celebrated baker Chad Robertson, who makes arguably the most sought-after loaf of bread in the world.


If you want to meet more of our favorite Small Business owners, every person you see on Zaarly has been handpicked for you. We promise they are amazing.

Happy Small Business Saturday! 

- Zaarly

p.s. if you have any small business stories you love, we would love to hear them. Feel free to share them with us on Twitter.

Cuddle Up to the Season

16/11/13 16 November, 2013 0 notes


There’s two options this Holiday Season: Buy your firewood at the big box store, or have Kansas City’s best firewood delivered right to your door. 

Here’s why we think you’ll choose to have firewood delivered by Tom Stein on Zaarly: 

  • Free Next Day Delivery - You realize what the stores are like this time of year, right? Avoid the mess and have Tom deliver you firewood instead. 
  • Saves You Money - A half-cord of firewood at a local store would run around $400. With Tom on Zaarly? Just $160. More left over for Egg Nog! 
  • Full of Bonuses - Tom will give you a free fire kit which includes a long neck lighter, tinder, fire starter logs, gloves, and dried apples and oranges to give you home the perfect scent. 

Half Cord of Firewood Delivered in Kansas City

Bright Lights, Holiday Nights

13/11/13 13 November, 2013 0 notes


Holiday lights are a beauty to behold, but they are a beast to install. 

We’ve brought in Kansas City’s best, Tom Dubbert, to help. 

Here’s what you need to know:

1.) Tom will come to your home for a free consultation. Book Now

2.) Tom will create a winter wonderland in your yard and around your home. Large or small, Tom can tackle it.

3.) Tom will come back at the end of the Holidays to remove the lights, too.

4.) You’ll have one less thing to stress about, and you’ll be the star of the neighborhood. 

Free Lights Consultation from Tom Dubbert in Kansas City.  

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