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Meet Cookstr, connecting people to Zaarly Anywhere to turn awesome recipes into mouth-watering dishes

14/08/12 14 August, 2012 0 notes

Zaarly Anywhere, launched in July 2012, lets you turn any piece of online content into offline reality. With just a few clicks on any of our partner sites, you can post a request to Zaarly, connect with an local seller and get exactly what you wanted. It’s like having your own personal Make/Do/Help button as you browse the web.

One of our favorite Zaarly requests is food – from delicious desserts to nutritious meals to one-of-a-kind ethnic dishes. So when Zaarly Anywhere launched on our partner site, Cookstr, we were pretty excited. Cookstr is making the world’s best cookbooks and recipes universally accessible on the web by making thousands of recipes easy to find by price, difficulty, ingredient or even by celebrity chef.

"It’s like having your own personal Make/Do/Help button as you browse the web."

How many times have you found a great recipe but haven’t had the time, expertise or patience to make it happen? Now, when you come across an amazing recipe on Cookstr, Zaarly can connects you to an amazing local person who can help — from an in-home chef, a prep cook or the whole dinner delivered directly to your door. Just ask.

Check out these recipes from Cookstr

And it looks like we’re not the only ones making good use of food-related requests. Here’s a few of our favorite requests from Cookstr that people near you have turned from digital inspiration into mouth-watering dishes.

Isabella’s Chile BBQ Ribs (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Mexican Chocolate Shortbread Cookies (Request and fulfilled in New York, NY)

Sticky Date Cupcakes (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Irish Stew (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Black-eyed peas and pasta (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Beignets (Request and fulfilled in Columbus, OH)

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