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Our Passion: Building Zaarly Storefronts

21/02/13 21 February, 2013 0 notes

We launched Zaarly on May 18th, 2011 with a very simple premise that we nicknamed the “Request Anything” model.

When a buyer posted a request (through the web or their mobile device), talented people in their neighborhood could respond and earn money selling a good or service.

After focusing exclusively on the “Request Anything” model for a year, some of the most amazing people we had ever met started to surface over and over again.

They were people like Leah, Linda, and Jonathan who demonstrated incredible customer service and offered amazing local products and services.

When customers hired these people once, they almost always hired them again.

We witnessed something incredible: our best sellers were building a group of loyal customers and fans.

The Seller Project

In March 2012, our team took a step back to consider how we could best serve these kind of talented people, namely amazing local artisans who were making a run at their dreams.

We started an internal project called The Seller Project and spent months researching the lives of the people who made money on Zaarly.

Our employees visited the homes of our most talented sellers to learn about their craft, their professional dreams, and their goals for creating businesses on Zaarly.

Throughout the project, we kept asking ourselves the same question: “what would an online marketplace look like if every human could earn money doing what they love?”

Once our entire team answered that question, we started to build Zaarly Storefronts.

Our Passion: Zaarly Storefronts

Zaarly Storefronts are an attempt to help a talented baker like Adana focus on baking.

Or to help a house cleaner like Tynisa spend more time with her customers, rather than managing a personal website or collecting payments.

We have a dedicated team that spends their days helping these talented people build their businesses on Zaarly. We know every Storefront owner on a first name basis.

Our Talent team reviews every seller who applies for a Zaarly Storefront. They dedicate their professional lives to finding the most talented people in your neighborhood.

Zaarly Storefronts are exclusive to service providers (such as handymen, private chefs, or yoga instructors) or creators of custom-made goods (like jewelry, clothing, or furniture).

Our Storefronts feature beautiful photography, easy online payments, and a simple way for customers to find the most talented local people in your neighborhood.

Focusing On Storefronts

Buyers now have the ability to hire their favorite local sellers with one-click on either the web or mobile phone. It is no longer necessary to create a custom request and wait for replies.

As we say goodbye to the “Request Anything” model, we are excited to keep building Zaarly Storefronts and to create a product that will eventually enable millions of people to earn money doing what they love.

Zaarly Storefronts are currently live in San Francisco, Seattle, Kansas City, New York, and Los Angeles and we will be announcing more locations in the United States soon.

Buy From Anywhere in the United States

We want everyone in the United States to have access to the most talented people we find, even if Zaarly Storefronts are not currently live in your city.

Our Zaarly National collection features the best local flavors and custom goods from some of our favorite neighborhoods.

You can also visit our Shippable Creations category to view more listings that can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

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