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Gilded Summer

5/06/13 5 June, 2013 0 notes

Zaarly works with a talented team of professional photographers in each of our cities who help Storefront Owners craft beautiful listings, showcasing their products and services. Just like our Storefront Owners, these guys are hard working businesses. When they aren’t busy shooting for Zaarly, you can often find their handy work in amazing places…


Check out what Kansas City photographers (and talented Zaarly Photo Team members) Chris Mullins and Brooke Vandever have been up to! Pick up a copy of The Pitch and take a gander at Chris Mullins’ amazing cover shoot OR head on over to their website and peek at Brooke Vandever’s inside look at the West 18th street fashion show.

Every year the Kansas City Crossroads District kicks off the summer by hosting an outdoor fashion show using the heart of the art district, West 18th street, as its runway. The featured designers are incredible representations of the local creative community and the evening guarantees some great spectacle! Soak up more of the beautiful designs photographed by Mullins and Vandever at this year’s show, Gilded Summer, Saturday June 8th at dusk.

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