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Sunday Funday: DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

1/12/13 1 December, 2013 0 notes

At Zaarly, we love finding new ways to improve our homes.

This makes sense, considering our marketplace is a collection of our favorite amazing handyman, cleaners, and home experts. 

Every once in awhile, we discover creative ways to improve our homes that we could have never imagined.

Here is a collection of our favorite “homeowner hacks” that we have recently found:


How to Make Concrete Lamps Out of Plastic Soda Bottles


How To Make a BBQ Smoker from Ikea Parts


How To Design The Perfect Picture Wall

Want to be a hero at home? Give one of these home projects a try and let us know how it goes!

Good luck,

Team Zaarly

Announcing Zaarly Anywhere: Turn Your Inspirations into Reality

19/07/12 19 July, 2012 5 notes

At it’s core, Zaarly allows you to buy from amazing local people. Since launching in May 2011, we’ve been hard at work building new ways to help you find skilled people and unlock remarkable experiences right in your backyard. We’ve loved seeing how Zaarly has helped bring people together in countless ways - from launching new businesses to creating surprises and memories.

Today we’re excited to share Zaarly Anywhere, our next step in realizing our vision of making it easier to unlock hidden talent from the people around you. Zaarly Anywhere provides a seamless way to marry ideas from great online content with offline commerce in your local community.

For example, if you’re like us, you’re inspired by the incredible creations you come across on the internet each day, from Hanging Teardrop Terrariums to a Trunk that Turns into a Bar. But with that feeling of inspiration probably comes the thought of, “that looks awesome, but how in the world could I ever make that myself?”

That’s where Zaarly Anywhere saves the day. Turning challenging projects like an aquarium built into your IKEA bookcase and tasty-but-time consuming creations like Roasted Apple Beignets with Cinnamon Sugar into reality are now just a click away. Experiences, goods, and services that have never before been for sale are now possible.

We’re launching Zaarly Anywhere with seven amazing partners at the top of their class in online content: Everyday Health, The Fancy, Los Angeles Times’ Home section, Cookstr, IKEA Hackers, Remodelaholic and Simplified Building.

Everyday, millions of readers engage on these partner sites looking for inspiring lifestyle ideas. They’re seeking great experiences, delicious food, home improvement projects, creative design concepts and new ways to get healthy. Now, add talented people nearby to create action — that’s Zaarly Anywhere.

"Zaarly Anywhere is the new way to buy local. Zaarly Anywhere changes the game. Imagine seeing a beautiful piece of furniture, a delicious dinner or the perfect nursery and then having a nearby carpenter, chef or designer make it happen. Turning ideas into reality, that’s Zaarly Anywhere.” - Bo Fishback, Zaarly Founder and CEO.

"Zaarly is the next best thing to having Jamie, Mario or Nigella as your personal chef. Cookstr has the largest collection of inspirational and accessible recipes from great chefs, and Zaarly can bring that inspiration into reality." - Art Chang, CEO of Zaarly Anywhere Partner Cookstr

We’re incredibly excited about with Zaarly Anywhere, and we can’t wait to see how you use it.

What will you Zaarly for first? Here’s some ideas to get you started:

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