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Jogging In The Snow: A Survival Guide

25/12/13 25 December, 2013 1 note

Old Man Winter has officially arrived. 

Grandparents talk about their knees acting up, hardware stores make a killing on cheap plastic shovels, and college kids continue on like nothing has changed.

While some thrive in the winter, the rest of us struggle ever onwards, occasionally backwards, and often downwards towards the icy cement. This holds especially true for runners like me. 

Once kings and queens of the outdoors, dominating pristine forest trails and smog-filled cities, most runners have now retreated into sweaty 24-hour gyms.

By viewing the following tips, I hope that perhaps, just perhaps, you can once again safely journey outside to fill your lungs with that sweet, frosty air!

1. Choose the Proper Footwear



I know, I know. This is about as helpful as your mom telling you to wear a raincoat during a storm, but when it comes to shoes you are looking for two things: traction and warmth.

While your Nike Frees were great at ventilating your feet in the summer, a little more material (and a lot fewer holes) is essential.

Flip the shoe over and look at the tread. If the bottom is worn smooth, good luck on ice. You want the bottom of the shoe to bite into the ground. I’ve had some success with add-ons like Yaktraxs.

2. Rock the Skintights! 


We understand this old man - nothing beats shorts. But upgrading to leggings is a smart move. I feel silly running around the neighborhood looking like I just got done with the final dress rehearsal for Swan Lake, but rockin’ the skintight clothing is better than being cold!

3. Get Some Winter Headphones 


I love me a good ol’ fashioned summer-running playlist, but in the winter it helps to ditch the iPod. Your hearing will be destroyed by plastic headphones jostling around inside of your frozen ears, plus your dainty little iBud cords will freeze and break.

If you truly feel compelled to run with music, invest in a set of insulated headphones that double as earmuffs. Now that’s two birds with one snowball! Or just do what I do and sing Broadway show tunes as you run (I highly recommend The Winner Takes It All for those big hills).

4. Grab a Hat and a Face Guard 



While the picture above might seem a bit excessive, it’s a scientific fact that you lose 110% of your body’s heat through your noggin…..ok, well, maybe not a scientific fact per se, but covering up as much exposed skin as possible is a great way to keep your skin from drying out…and really, who doesn’t want soft, supple skin?

5. Know When To Stay Indoors



It’s easy to overdress when you’re trying to be a winter hero. But your body will start to sweat and chafe like a madman if you pile on the hoodies and the long underwear. If it really is that cold (20-15 degrees and under) grab the keys, hit the gym, and forget about everything you just read. Arnold would support this move!

- written by Aaron Menzel, who runs… on occasion.

You follow him on Twitter: @Menzelman


"Jogging In The Snow" is the first part of a new series called "What To Love" which will we be running every week.

In this series, our favorite authors write about the adventures they love to pursue when they have free time.

We hope their stories inspire you to spend more time doing what you love, even if it’s something simple like jogging in the snow.

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Small Business Saturday: Best Day Ever

29/11/13 29 November, 2013 3 notes

Tom Dubbert

Small Business Saturday is an important day for every employee at our company. 

We created Zaarly to help talented entrepreneurs build amazing new businesses and this day speaks to our mission.

To celebrate this wonderful day, we wanted to share a few of our favorite Small Business Saturday stories in Kansas City and beyond. 

Meet Adam Magers, a passionate craftsman who builds custom furniture that is more affordable than most retail stores and offers his services on Zaarly


Meet Oddly Correct, a group of coffee roasters and baristas located on Main Street in Kansas City, MO. They pride themselves in making quality coffee and having a great time.


Meet Herb Dishmana Texas rice farmer who decided to return to his childhood home to take over the family farm after his father’s death. 


Meet Tartine Bread, a local bakery in San Francisco created by celebrated baker Chad Robertson, who makes arguably the most sought-after loaf of bread in the world.


If you want to meet more of our favorite Small Business owners, every person you see on Zaarly has been handpicked for you. We promise they are amazing.

Happy Small Business Saturday! 

- Zaarly

p.s. if you have any small business stories you love, we would love to hear them. Feel free to share them with us on Twitter.

The Very Best Yard Guy in Kansas City

5/09/13 5 September, 2013 0 notes

Tom Dubbert

His name is Tom Dubbert. End of story. 

Well, ok, not the very end of the story. 

Tom has been my yard guy since he joined Zaarly about a year ago. Since then, my life has been better than it was before. 

I’d used a few different yard services from the proverbial kid next door, to one of the larger outfits in Kansas City, to just taking care of things myself.

But I can confidently say that Tom is the best there is.

Here’s how I know…

  • I asked Tom to just “take care of things” and he actually knew what that meant. From cleaning out the dark corners of the yard to planting flowers right where you knew something should go, Tom and his crew just take care of things. He takes care of my yard like I would if I had all the time in the world and knew the difference between a white ash and a white oak tree.
  • He comes as often as he needs to so that things always look great. It’s not unusual to see Tom at my house three or four times in a week - just cleaning up things or attacking a little piece of the yard we hadn’t really thought about.  
  • He surprises us. We recently moved into a new house (and took Tom with us) and on my previous months invoice I noticed he hadn’t charged us for a Japanese Maple he had planted. It turns out that he considered it (and the work that went into planting it) a “house warming gift.” How awesome is that? 
  • It seems like the last thing he cares about is money and the first is that we’re genuinely happy to drive up to our house. That’s a feeling that you only get with the very best folks. 

Tom Dubbert is the very best yard guy in Kansas City. He’s what Zaarly is all about. 

Bowman Fishback

Kansas City Storefront Owners Complete an Extreme Makeover at The Ronald McDonald House

9/07/13 9 July, 2013 0 notes

During our last visit to Kansas City, many Zaarly Storefront Owners teamed up to complete an extreme makeover for two rooms at the Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald House provides a home-away-from-home for families with children that are hospitalized in nearby Kansas City hospitals.

While families are supporting their little ones, the Ronald McDonald House strives to provide a beautiful and comfortable space to stay. The goal of our weekend project was to spruce up two rooms in the house. We had about 15 people come out to help with everything from painting, to hanging shelves, to donating handmade decorative goods. We came up with a theme for each room and had a blast working together and giving back to the community.

Zaarly Storefront Owner Participants included:

Kelly Aaron

Kari Tibbetts

Mandy Heth

Julianne Vickery

Hayley Unruh

Marisue Caskey

Wayne Tibbetts

Michael Fisher

Nina Ward

Rachel Jacobson

Shane Moore

Kristen Paulson

Holly Grimwood

Laura Estes

Sarah Foushee

Angie Twitchell

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