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The Greatest Sunday Ever

6/06/12 6 June, 2012 7 notes

This past Sunday I had the best picnic of my life.

I love picnics. I’ve always loved picnics. And I probably haven’t been on five of them in my entire life. That’s about to change.

It’s hilarious to get too get excited about picnics as the CEO of Zaarly because the picnic industry is not exactly a booming industry that venture-backed companies are falling all over themselves to get a piece of. But I don’t care about that… what I care about is that I had a dream-like two hour experience with my wife, our 10-month-old son and our 13-year-old golden retriever. It felt like something from the movies. But it was real, and it was super easy thanks to Zaarly. I posted a request for a perfect picnic earlier in the week, got a few really nice responses and ended up choosing someone who just seemed genuinely excited about making this happen. She’s a third-grade teacher during the day, but a picnic wizard by night (and weekends). She’d love to do this more, and we’ll definitely be hiring her again.

We walked up to this…

And when we were done, we just walked away. She took care of everything. We didn’t even know what we were having until we arrived and everything from the strawberry salad to the homemade chocolate cookie sandwiches was perfect.

The full agenda from our end was watching Pierce (our son) feed our dog for the first time and lounging around for a couple of hours in the park eating delicious food. She even made Hot Dog Mac’n Cheese for Pierce.

It’s something that we’ll never forget and that we’ll definitely do again… and again.

Thank you Meghan for taking paying such close attention to detail and creating an incredible experience for my family. When we can easily link to seller profiles, I’ll be linking to yours often. 

— Bo Fishback (@bowman

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