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The Paper Trail Behind Building the All New Zaarly

21/09/12 21 September, 2012 18 notes

Products can be built in many different ways. But, no matter what the process, usually the end goal is always the same. A simple, useful and meaningful product that people love. 

We just released Zaarly 3.0. We wanted to share a few early sketches that we made on a favorite iPad app of ours, Paper.  

Many of the ideas below were killed, edited or morphed into something different. The editing process of going from an idea to an end product is the best and most challenging part. Paper really was a fun place to start.

Paper has a way of making things look and feel beautiful and focused yet not overly detailed so you can make core UI decisions that aren’t about the pixels.

You can see a lot of the new Zaarly (web and mobile) in many of these sketches. Many you can’t because they never made it to life. Hope you enjoy some of the thoughts behind these sketches. 

A few of Matt Donovan’s Sketches:

A few of Erica Burnett’s Paper Sketches:

A few of My Paper Sketches:

- Shane Mac -

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