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The Very Best Yard Guy in Kansas City

5/09/13 5 September, 2013 0 notes

Tom Dubbert

His name is Tom Dubbert. End of story. 

Well, ok, not the very end of the story. 

Tom has been my yard guy since he joined Zaarly about a year ago. Since then, my life has been better than it was before. 

I’d used a few different yard services from the proverbial kid next door, to one of the larger outfits in Kansas City, to just taking care of things myself.

But I can confidently say that Tom is the best there is.

Here’s how I know…

  • I asked Tom to just “take care of things” and he actually knew what that meant. From cleaning out the dark corners of the yard to planting flowers right where you knew something should go, Tom and his crew just take care of things. He takes care of my yard like I would if I had all the time in the world and knew the difference between a white ash and a white oak tree.
  • He comes as often as he needs to so that things always look great. It’s not unusual to see Tom at my house three or four times in a week - just cleaning up things or attacking a little piece of the yard we hadn’t really thought about.  
  • He surprises us. We recently moved into a new house (and took Tom with us) and on my previous months invoice I noticed he hadn’t charged us for a Japanese Maple he had planted. It turns out that he considered it (and the work that went into planting it) a “house warming gift.” How awesome is that? 
  • It seems like the last thing he cares about is money and the first is that we’re genuinely happy to drive up to our house. That’s a feeling that you only get with the very best folks. 

Tom Dubbert is the very best yard guy in Kansas City. He’s what Zaarly is all about. 

Bowman Fishback

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup + Adulthood

26/02/13 26 February, 2013 1 note


Last month, I became sick for about 10 days.

My entire body felt like a combination of strep throat and how those zombies probably felt in 28 Days Later.

This illness got me thinking about my childhood.

When I was a kid and felt sick, I remember lying in bed with my sheets covering my face.

I would shout random war cries and hold my breathe to make my cheeks bright red - and I’d wait for my Mom to enter my room.

Once we agreed that my illness warranted a day full of Cameron Crowe movies and “sick kid” food, I started to make my requests.

The first thing that I would always ask for: Mama Rosenberg’s homemade chicken noodle soup. 

I’m not sure why every human asks for chicken noodle soup when they feel sick, but it’s always been my cure - and my Mom’s soup is magic.

But then you become an adult and life changes and you move away from your Mom - far away from her chicken noodle soup.

Here is what they do not tell you as as a kid:

When you are an adult, you will still get sick, and you will still ask yourself, “who is making me homemade chicken noodle soup?”

My Mom lives an hour way. 
She would deliver soup if I called her (I love you for that Mama), but it’s not a practical 28 year-old son request anymore. 

So when I got sick last month, I found Ford on Zaarly and asked him to cook and deliver homemade soup for me. 

Ford is often described as “Martha Stewart meets MacGyver” and his Zaarly reviews for homemade chicken noodle soup are perfect. 

Ford responded within minutes and delivered the most amazing homemade chicken noodle soup since my Mom’s batch in 5th grade. 

Even better, Ford checked in with me throughout the week to make sure that I was feeling better, just like a family member would. 

People always ask why Zaarly is different.

Zaarly connects you with amazing people. You meet people who care about you and become part of your daily life. 

When you are sick, they will bring you homemade chicken noodle soup - and they 
will make sure you’re feeling better, even after the deal is done. 

You will be happier in your neighborhood when you discover these talented people and hire them when you need help.

I know am happier because I met Ford. Oddly enough, I kind of look forward to getting the sniffles again. 

-Jeff Morris Jr.

(you can find me on twitter @jmj and be my best friend if you agree that homemade chicken noodle soup will save the world)

The Paper Trail Behind Building the All New Zaarly

21/09/12 21 September, 2012 18 notes

Products can be built in many different ways. But, no matter what the process, usually the end goal is always the same. A simple, useful and meaningful product that people love. 

We just released Zaarly 3.0. We wanted to share a few early sketches that we made on a favorite iPad app of ours, Paper.  

Many of the ideas below were killed, edited or morphed into something different. The editing process of going from an idea to an end product is the best and most challenging part. Paper really was a fun place to start.

Paper has a way of making things look and feel beautiful and focused yet not overly detailed so you can make core UI decisions that aren’t about the pixels.

You can see a lot of the new Zaarly (web and mobile) in many of these sketches. Many you can’t because they never made it to life. Hope you enjoy some of the thoughts behind these sketches. 

A few of Matt Donovan’s Sketches:

A few of Erica Burnett’s Paper Sketches:

A few of My Paper Sketches:

- Shane Mac -

Meet The Fancy, delivering whimsy to you through Zaarly Anywhere

21/08/12 21 August, 2012 1 note

The Fancy is part store, blog, magazine and wish list. It’s a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love and a Zaarly Anywhere partner (read more about Zaarly Anywhere here). 

So what happens when you’re browsing The Fancy and you find a cool DIY project that you don’t have the time or the expertise (like this Upcycled Liquor Bottle Tiki Torch)? Or, what happens when you stumble across cookie monster cupcakes? Simple, you ask for them on Zaarly. 

And when you get those cupcakes baked fresh and delivered from an amazing local baker, what then? Simple, you brag about it on Facebook or Pinterest. Check out awesome things on Fancy. You can take any hand-made or one-of-a-kind item on and ask for it on Zaarly. We’ll connect you with an amazing local person who can make the thing you fancy a reality.

Check out these ideas from Fancy that were recently bought on Zaarly:

Meet Cookstr, connecting people to Zaarly Anywhere to turn awesome recipes into mouth-watering dishes

14/08/12 14 August, 2012 0 notes

Zaarly Anywhere, launched in July 2012, lets you turn any piece of online content into offline reality. With just a few clicks on any of our partner sites, you can post a request to Zaarly, connect with an local seller and get exactly what you wanted. It’s like having your own personal Make/Do/Help button as you browse the web.

One of our favorite Zaarly requests is food – from delicious desserts to nutritious meals to one-of-a-kind ethnic dishes. So when Zaarly Anywhere launched on our partner site, Cookstr, we were pretty excited. Cookstr is making the world’s best cookbooks and recipes universally accessible on the web by making thousands of recipes easy to find by price, difficulty, ingredient or even by celebrity chef.

"It’s like having your own personal Make/Do/Help button as you browse the web."

How many times have you found a great recipe but haven’t had the time, expertise or patience to make it happen? Now, when you come across an amazing recipe on Cookstr, Zaarly can connects you to an amazing local person who can help — from an in-home chef, a prep cook or the whole dinner delivered directly to your door. Just ask.

Check out these recipes from Cookstr

And it looks like we’re not the only ones making good use of food-related requests. Here’s a few of our favorite requests from Cookstr that people near you have turned from digital inspiration into mouth-watering dishes.

Isabella’s Chile BBQ Ribs (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Mexican Chocolate Shortbread Cookies (Request and fulfilled in New York, NY)

Sticky Date Cupcakes (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Irish Stew (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Black-eyed peas and pasta (Request and fulfilled in San Francisco, CA)

Beignets (Request and fulfilled in Columbus, OH)

Announcing Zaarly Anywhere: Turn Your Inspirations into Reality

19/07/12 19 July, 2012 5 notes

At it’s core, Zaarly allows you to buy from amazing local people. Since launching in May 2011, we’ve been hard at work building new ways to help you find skilled people and unlock remarkable experiences right in your backyard. We’ve loved seeing how Zaarly has helped bring people together in countless ways - from launching new businesses to creating surprises and memories.

Today we’re excited to share Zaarly Anywhere, our next step in realizing our vision of making it easier to unlock hidden talent from the people around you. Zaarly Anywhere provides a seamless way to marry ideas from great online content with offline commerce in your local community.

For example, if you’re like us, you’re inspired by the incredible creations you come across on the internet each day, from Hanging Teardrop Terrariums to a Trunk that Turns into a Bar. But with that feeling of inspiration probably comes the thought of, “that looks awesome, but how in the world could I ever make that myself?”

That’s where Zaarly Anywhere saves the day. Turning challenging projects like an aquarium built into your IKEA bookcase and tasty-but-time consuming creations like Roasted Apple Beignets with Cinnamon Sugar into reality are now just a click away. Experiences, goods, and services that have never before been for sale are now possible.

We’re launching Zaarly Anywhere with seven amazing partners at the top of their class in online content: Everyday Health, The Fancy, Los Angeles Times’ Home section, Cookstr, IKEA Hackers, Remodelaholic and Simplified Building.

Everyday, millions of readers engage on these partner sites looking for inspiring lifestyle ideas. They’re seeking great experiences, delicious food, home improvement projects, creative design concepts and new ways to get healthy. Now, add talented people nearby to create action — that’s Zaarly Anywhere.

"Zaarly Anywhere is the new way to buy local. Zaarly Anywhere changes the game. Imagine seeing a beautiful piece of furniture, a delicious dinner or the perfect nursery and then having a nearby carpenter, chef or designer make it happen. Turning ideas into reality, that’s Zaarly Anywhere.” - Bo Fishback, Zaarly Founder and CEO.

"Zaarly is the next best thing to having Jamie, Mario or Nigella as your personal chef. Cookstr has the largest collection of inspirational and accessible recipes from great chefs, and Zaarly can bring that inspiration into reality." - Art Chang, CEO of Zaarly Anywhere Partner Cookstr

We’re incredibly excited about with Zaarly Anywhere, and we can’t wait to see how you use it.

What will you Zaarly for first? Here’s some ideas to get you started:

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