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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup + Adulthood

26/02/13 26 February, 2013 1 note


Last month, I became sick for about 10 days.

My entire body felt like a combination of strep throat and how those zombies probably felt in 28 Days Later.

This illness got me thinking about my childhood.

When I was a kid and felt sick, I remember lying in bed with my sheets covering my face.

I would shout random war cries and hold my breathe to make my cheeks bright red - and I’d wait for my Mom to enter my room.

Once we agreed that my illness warranted a day full of Cameron Crowe movies and “sick kid” food, I started to make my requests.

The first thing that I would always ask for: Mama Rosenberg’s homemade chicken noodle soup. 

I’m not sure why every human asks for chicken noodle soup when they feel sick, but it’s always been my cure - and my Mom’s soup is magic.

But then you become an adult and life changes and you move away from your Mom - far away from her chicken noodle soup.

Here is what they do not tell you as as a kid:

When you are an adult, you will still get sick, and you will still ask yourself, “who is making me homemade chicken noodle soup?”

My Mom lives an hour way. 
She would deliver soup if I called her (I love you for that Mama), but it’s not a practical 28 year-old son request anymore. 

So when I got sick last month, I found Ford on Zaarly and asked him to cook and deliver homemade soup for me. 

Ford is often described as “Martha Stewart meets MacGyver” and his Zaarly reviews for homemade chicken noodle soup are perfect. 

Ford responded within minutes and delivered the most amazing homemade chicken noodle soup since my Mom’s batch in 5th grade. 

Even better, Ford checked in with me throughout the week to make sure that I was feeling better, just like a family member would. 

People always ask why Zaarly is different.

Zaarly connects you with amazing people. You meet people who care about you and become part of your daily life. 

When you are sick, they will bring you homemade chicken noodle soup - and they 
will make sure you’re feeling better, even after the deal is done. 

You will be happier in your neighborhood when you discover these talented people and hire them when you need help.

I know am happier because I met Ford. Oddly enough, I kind of look forward to getting the sniffles again. 

-Jeff Morris Jr.

(you can find me on twitter @jmj and be my best friend if you agree that homemade chicken noodle soup will save the world)

The Greatest Sunday Ever

6/06/12 6 June, 2012 7 notes

This past Sunday I had the best picnic of my life.

I love picnics. I’ve always loved picnics. And I probably haven’t been on five of them in my entire life. That’s about to change.

It’s hilarious to get too get excited about picnics as the CEO of Zaarly because the picnic industry is not exactly a booming industry that venture-backed companies are falling all over themselves to get a piece of. But I don’t care about that… what I care about is that I had a dream-like two hour experience with my wife, our 10-month-old son and our 13-year-old golden retriever. It felt like something from the movies. But it was real, and it was super easy thanks to Zaarly. I posted a request for a perfect picnic earlier in the week, got a few really nice responses and ended up choosing someone who just seemed genuinely excited about making this happen. She’s a third-grade teacher during the day, but a picnic wizard by night (and weekends). She’d love to do this more, and we’ll definitely be hiring her again.

We walked up to this…

And when we were done, we just walked away. She took care of everything. We didn’t even know what we were having until we arrived and everything from the strawberry salad to the homemade chocolate cookie sandwiches was perfect.

The full agenda from our end was watching Pierce (our son) feed our dog for the first time and lounging around for a couple of hours in the park eating delicious food. She even made Hot Dog Mac’n Cheese for Pierce.

It’s something that we’ll never forget and that we’ll definitely do again… and again.

Thank you Meghan for taking paying such close attention to detail and creating an incredible experience for my family. When we can easily link to seller profiles, I’ll be linking to yours often. 

— Bo Fishback (@bowman

1/06/12 1 June, 2012 1 note

Bushakan: A Business Built on Zaarly

Lauren’s husband’s love for glasses was getting out of control. Literally. After a quick online search for a stand was fruitless, Lauren turned to Zaarly. What started out as a simple request quickly turned into something much more.

Tobi, an architect and designer, responded to her request and offered to help. After Lauren posted a picture of the initial prototype on Path, she knew they were onto something, “People just really freaked out and said they wanted one.”

So, Lauren and Tobi decided to turn a one-time project into something bigger. They launched a Kickstarter Campaign and formed their new venture called Bushakan. Just one month after meeting on Zaarly, multiple designs have already been put into production.

Lauren and Tobi’s story is a just another magical example of our mission at Zaarly: connecting talented sellers with excited buyers. Amazing things happen at this moment—ideas turn to action, communities come together, and things just get done.

“That’s what’s interesting about Zaarly; it’s removing the barriers between people who have something in common.” - Tobi

The world gets smaller and business gets better when you’re able to connect with real people around you. That’s the kind of world we’re building at Zaarly. Join us today.

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